When I am not running, I support runners

Friday, I completed 2 weeks of rehab, phase 1,  for my stress reaction (meh). To test if it is healing, I was supposed to run a mile and if it didn’t hurt, move to phase 2.

I volunteered for MCC at Baltimore Marathon on Saturday morning. 3 friends were running the full marathon. I offered to meet one of them (Thenna, this was his 8th marathon) at mile 12.5 and replenish his coconut water. I was getting race alerts on Thenna and the half way point was about a mile from my tent. I had to go through a “secure” area to get to that point which they won’t allow me to go thru because I had my sling pack with me. I realized that if I don’t act quickly, I will miss him at the meeting point. I sprinted about .25 mile to the tent, dropped the pack started running to the meeting point.

Sure enough I missed him.

I know how it feels when your support didn’t come thru at a race, a very miserable experience and you may even have to change your race plan!

It was hard to spot the runners because the whole area was packed with supporters hovering over the metal barricade! So I started sprinting again all the way to mile 13.8(ish) where the crowd was thinner and started walking back, slowly. I caught Thenna at mile 13.2.

The look on his face when he saw me was worth all the effort.

That’s one way to get my “test run” for rehab.

And my tibia did not hurt a bit, which I’d like to call, a reward for a good deed.

Both my first time marathoner and 8 time veteran marathoner friends finished the race.14717148_10154341556271886_1510290754198033586_nThenna, left and Komal. 

At Komal’s victory party at my favorite restaurant, Kalpasi, in Herndon (yeah in the fucking village) I drank more than I did since coming back from Iceland, combined. I ate enough to last the whole of next week.

Talk about will power.

My other friend, Tyler, who is a vegan athlete, super fast runner, first time marathoner, finished the race in 3:24! He earned BOTH those bananas!



Tyler ran representing The Humane League, an excellent animal protection group. They are very active and has a huge presence in DC. Check them out and support them.

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