Racing 2017


See how I won’t be able to top 2016! Yes. I earned all of them in 2016. (Or like my 6 yr old friend Mira said “is that all you got?” “Touché”)

I used be happy with just going out for a run. Now it is as if I need the rush of a race to feel like I have had a good run. So here is the regularly scheduled programming for the next few….

Jan 14 – Winter Wonderland Half Marathon in Huntington beach CA (3 loops so I can quit early if need be)

Jan 21 – Crystal Springs Trail Half marathon in Woodside CA

Feb 14 – Bullseye Running 50k at (somewhere in)MD (5 loops… you know the drill! This is the one Ellen “made” me register)

Mar 11 – DC Rock n Roll Half Marathon (running with my dear friend Amy, her first)

Mar 19 – Yeungling Shamrock Marathon in Virginia Beach VA (This is a deferral from last year when I had to skip it due to tendinitis)

Apr 2 – Cherry Blossom 10 miler in DC (Running this with my confidant Deepa, her first race!)

Apr 29 – Nashville Rock n Roll Half Marathon (supposed to be running this with Cat, but we’ll see)

Still thinking about the big one for the year. Or should I do RAGBRAI! Decisions decisions….

No Pants Metro Ride

Yes, it’s a thing!

Also called No Pants Subway Ride is a worldwide phenomenon. My friend Chelsey and I ventured out in the 20° weather, rode the metro without wearing pants and hung out at a bar after, again refusing to wear pants!

Life is short. Life is precious. Don’t take life too seriously. Enjoy every moment of it. I’m so glad to have a friend (thanks Chelsey) who sees life like I do and wanted to share this fun experience with me!

Just waiting for metro



See more pics here

Cryptic :-/

I grossly overestimated my friendship with a new friend. An I did something that pushed the limit of said friendship and now I may not have that friend anymore. What could have been this amazing friendship forever (a.k.a BFF).

Historically, I’ve been a goof ball that fucked up many things in my life. Unintentionally. In fact, more than one of my currently beautiful friendships survived because the other person was very kind and forgiving!

I have some amazingly kool friends that I can talk to, about what I am going thru. Why, then post this here? IDK! I can’t post this on facebook(and crowdsource my emotions), fearing she (or he) will read it. Why post this at all, you ask? I need to get this off my chest. In keeping with my plan to live the most stress free, free spirited, minimalistic life this new year, I need to get this out. I’ve been consumed by the feeling that I upset the rhythm of this person’s life, this amazing, vibrant, spontaneous, overall one hell of a human.

They broke the mould after making her (or him).

PS : I meant to post this before my last post! That’s another thing I need get straightened out, maintain the order in my thoughts and actions!

PPS : I hate cryptic and hidden messages as well but I claim exception this once.


I can never top 2016. It was the best year of my life, ever.

I did 13 running races altogether, not counting the multi-stage ultra, Fire and Ice, in Iceland. 12 of them destination races. Plus travels not related to racing, which adds up to more than one out of town trip per month. The big dent in my wallet will take years to fix.

I ran close to 700 miles in 2016!

Good news is that I am fully healed from my stress fracture (I think). I’m now running 2-3 times a week, between 1 and 5 miles at a time. So far registered for 3 half marathons (LA, SF and Nashville) and a 10 miler in DC. Need to start low and make my way up. Oh wait, then Ellen made me (hehe) sign up for a 50K in Feb! Whoa!

BTW, Ellen is running another multi-stage ultra in April, in Nepal, organized by the same team that did Fire and Ice! Wha…!

On New Year’s Day, I went on a 5 mile run, an hour of HIIT with George and an Hour of Vinyasa with my new absolute favorite yoga instructor Jessica! Can’t get a better start for the year.