The Beauty In The Bits


Last  summer, in the midst of my intense training for Fire and Ice, there was one “off” weekend, thanks to an injury. I went to Philadelphia with a few friends. It was a Sunday.(Sundays are when most distance running races occur, throughout the country.)

/*A training interrupted means unwise decision making that may lead to self inflicted embarrassment and related catastrophic events.*/

As they say, an idle mind is the devil’s workshop (tho there is no “devil”, but you got the idea). In my case, it was an elephant sized boredom and a Large Hadron Collider sized frustration. I started asking  out ALL the pretty ladies and ALL of them said no, as if they planned the response together. Then, as the above post says, there was J.  But I did not ever get a chance to go back to Phily. 

Last Sunday, I went back to Phily, because why not. Went to the same restaurant for dinner, because, hey, good food. Sure enough J was there, different hair but as pretty and cute as I remember. And… wait for it….

She remembered me!

Amtrak. IMG_8405


Cryptic :-/

I grossly overestimated my friendship with a new friend. An I did something that pushed the limit of said friendship and now I may not have that friend anymore. What could have been this amazing friendship forever (a.k.a BFF).

Historically, I’ve been a goof ball that fucked up many things in my life. Unintentionally. In fact, more than one of my currently beautiful friendships survived because the other person was very kind and forgiving!

I have some amazingly kool friends that I can talk to, about what I am going thru. Why, then post this here? IDK! I can’t post this on facebook(and crowdsource my emotions), fearing she (or he) will read it. Why post this at all, you ask? I need to get this off my chest. In keeping with my plan to live the most stress free, free spirited, minimalistic life this new year, I need to get this out. I’ve been consumed by the feeling that I upset the rhythm of this person’s life, this amazing, vibrant, spontaneous, overall one hell of a human.

They broke the mould after making her (or him).

PS : I meant to post this before my last post! That’s another thing I need get straightened out, maintain the order in my thoughts and actions!

PPS : I hate cryptic and hidden messages as well but I claim exception this once.